About Us
About Us

There are many ways companies and individuals end up with unwanted, cash-flow stifling, dust collecting inventory in their warehouses. After all, America IS the land of plenty.

For example:

When companies offer new products to its customers, there are no guarantees that consumers will receive them with open checkbooks. The initial cost of startup inventory is a risk every company takes to give a new endeavor a try. If new product offerings do flop for whatever reason, management can try to return the inventory to the factory...which usually involves restocking & handling fees plus freight. Many factories will not even talk about letting goods be returned.
Another way to recover from this train wreck is to offer the goods to customers or competitors for about the same money they could've gotten from the factory after restocking fees and freight (if the factory had agreed to a return).

A good manager knows that getting money back in motion is the fastest way to make a full recovery from an inventory purchasing mistake. When the old money recovered from dead stock gets re-invested in great selling products, new life is breathed into cash flow and ROI. The breakeven point will be reached within a few turns, repeated profits and growth will follow.

That's what OVERSTOCKEDINVENTORIES.COM is all about...We recover stagnant money that was tied up in dead stock by finding buyers for those goods. But that's not all, we also offer excited buyers the chance to purchase goods and inventory that fills THEIR needs at a fraction of what it would normally cost.